Take Me Virtual will photograph your business using a Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer who will take a series of panoramic images throughout your business after coordinating the shoot with you. Together we will decide what you want featured and how the tour shoot and layout will be approached to best suit your goals. 

Take Me Virtual  is verified by Google as a Trusted Photographer and is licensed with the City of Baton Rouge to conduct business .


Photography & Virtual Tour Details

(Note*: Point of interest photos are no longer required by Google & are quoted separately. If interested, please ask about pricing during the initial consultation.)

In addition to the Virtual Tour, we will also take a minimum of 10 “Point of Interest” photos of your business. Point of Interest photos examples are: Wide angle view of front of your business, wide angle view looking inside of your business from the front entrance, wide angle view from back business looking forward, any special features or items of your business (menus, awards, accolades, testimonials etc.), photo of your business logo, hours of operation, forms of payment & business card.

Once the panoramic images are taken we will process, edit and map out the panoramas in one of Google’s designated & licensed panoramic editors.  Point of interest photos will also need editing and require HDR processing. The panoramic photos of your business are HDR photos as well and require three images in four different directions for each panorama. As an example: To shoot 10 panoramas of your business, 12 x 10 = 120 photos are required.


Please email for pricing inquiries:

Note:Panoramic photo points within a business are usually taken 4ft – 15ft apart. Use this as a general idea regarding how many “panos” might be needed for your particular business.

Take Me Virtual will guarantee all of our work will meet Googles Quality Control Standards before any virtual tour is published. Additionally, you have our pledge to do whatever we can to meet all of your expectations. We are Baton Rouge native company and seek to build long term relationships with businesses.

*All panoramic virtual tour shoots use only available lighting for the business, including natural occurring light from windows.

Payment Methods

Business Checks • Certified Check • Chase Quick Pay

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