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Welcome to Take Me Virtual




Take Me Virtual is an independent company (located in Baton Rouge, LA) that is authorized by Google to take Panoramic imagery of your business. These images are then turned into interactive virtual tours using Google’s Panoramic editors. All tours must first pass Google’s quality control standards before being published online. Google will host your virtual tour for fee and you can use the tour on your own website as well. All businesses must have a Google Places for Business page (Verified) in order to have a tour done. Google gives your places for business page emphasis in it’s search placement and this aspect is another reason why having a virtual tour hosted by Google can only enhance user interaction with your business. People want to “see” stuff.

Once your virtual tour is complete customers can look inside your business like they were actually there. It’s amazing technology and there is no better way to give your customers a visual representation of what your business is all about. This is different from video because the photos provide a static representation of the entity. And the user can then manipulate the tour with a mouse and browse through high resolution images at any pace & easily zoom around-in/out. Think of it all like a magical 3D experience for your business. Once your tour is complete, your business will have an accurate visual & architectural  representation of your business that is not only artistic, but also a very useful marketing tool for your business. Businesses have historically paid top dollar for billboards & other forms of advertising.  For very little money, you can now have your entire business before the world and you only pay once. (unless you do a re-shoot) -Which is also an option. You are not stuck with one representation of anything. You can always re-shoot and recreate your business, anytime you want.

Here are some examples of how a business with a virtual tour will look when searched for on Google. Notice how the business is featured (on the right side of the page in a rectangular box) with the virtual tour, business photos and all other pertinent information provided by the business: Hotel El Capitan, Van Horn, Texas & Galatoire’s, New Orleans, LA.

Please look around the site content headers and discover why your business could benefit form having a state of the art 360˚(3D) Virtual Tour.

The White House has a Google Virtual Tour! -Check it out