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It has only been in the last five years or so that panoramic photography used to create virtual tours has reached maturity, technologically & logistically. Due to chip speeds, internet bandwidth and improved panoramic stitching technology the viability of actually being able produce & host extremely high quality virtual tours online is here and will only get better. Google, using it’s extensive satellite/street view technology has integrated panoramic imagery into it’s grand scheme to bring the world to all of us using digital images.

Take Me Virtual will photograph your business using Canon’s top of the line fisheye lens (and Canon 5DII full frame sensor DSLR Camara), which captures your business as a series of circles, shot panoramically in 4 different directions at numerous designated points throughout your business. These images are then stitched together to form Cubic-Panoramas which are formed into virtual 360˚tours that users can mouse through online and see your business in exquisite detail; Ceilings, floors, left, right, top to bottom -It’s truly amazing and it’s only a matter of time before all businesses have this type of visual representation.

Who will be photographing my business?

A Google Trained & Certified Trusted Photographer will be photographing your business.

Take Me Virtual photographers have gone through extensive training to be able to work as independent representatives for the Google brand. They must meet all of Google photographic quality controls standards for every shoot. Once a business’ panoramic shoot is completed, the photos are then uploaded into Google’s pano editor where they will be stitched together to form a Panoramic Virtual Tour of your business.

Please take a few minutes and browse the videos below (provided by Google) to explain how this technology can benefit your business.


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